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Visit the Quality Matters website Quality Matters is a faculty driven, peer review process that is collaborative, collegial, continuous, centered around student learning, and informed by current research.  To get a course recognized nationally, a formal peer review team consisting of three QM certified peer reviewers, one of whom is external from NMSU, reviews the course using the Quality Matters rubric. When a course successfully meets the QM standards, the course receives national QM recognition.


Course Name Course Representative Date Recognized
EDLT 580 Tools and Techniques for Teaching Online Sandra Johnson 02/08/2018
ELA 580 Administration of Adult and Continuing Education Rene Guillaume 11/08/2018


Course Name Course Representative Date Recognized
MSW 560 Social Work Research Ivan de la Rosa 2/20/2017
MSW 525 Social Work Practice with Groups Susan Burns 2/22/2017
MSW 521 Social Work Practice II Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome 2/26/2017
MSW 527 Organizations and Communities Frances Nedjat-Haiem 3/20/2017
ELA 350V Introduction to Leadership in Global Society Mary Prentice 4/04/2017
SPAN 589 Spanish Sociolinguistics Eva Michelle Wheeler 4/18/2017
ELA 550  Higher Education Law Rene Guillaume 4/27/2017
BCIS 502 Business Information Systems Richard Oliver 6/21/2017
ASTR 110G Introduction to Astronomy Nancy Chanover 7/5/2017
SW 415 Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities Erika Gergerich 9/18/2017
MSW 500 Social Work and Welfare Policy Megan Finno-Velasquez 9/29/2017
MSW 521 MSW Social Work Practice II Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome 11/17/2017


Course Name Course Representative Date Recognized
BA 500 Macroeconomic Essentials Comfort Ricketts 2/18/2016
HRTM 331 Lodging Operations I Elizabeth Stringam 3/28/2016
ENG 218 Technical and Scientific Communication Christina Schaub 5/13/2016
MSW 520 Social Work and Practice 1 Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome 5/16/2016
MSW 509 Socio-Cultural Concepts and Populations of the Southwest Ivan de la Rosa 6/10/2016
HRTM 442 Revenue Management Elizabeth Stringam 6/30/2016
MRK 503 Marketing Management Erin Blaugrund 9/2/2016
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology Yuliana Zaikman 10/20/2016


Course Name Course Representative Date Recognized
EMD 540 Managment of Student Support Services in Higher Ed Henrietta Pichon 2/16/2015
LING 302/502 Advanced Study of Social Linguistics Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza 3/16/2015
EE 461 Systems Engineering & Program Management Charles Boehmer 4/13/2015
CJ 454 Human Trafficking Marija Dimitrijevic 5/22/2015
EDLT 592 Online Teaching Practicum Susan Bussmann 6/3/2015
PSY 340 Cognitive Psychology Justin MacDonald 6/16/2015
EDLT 581 Emerging Technology Tools & Techniques Julia Parra 6/26/2015
BCIS 485/560 Enterprise Resource Planning Jennifer Kreie 8/8/2015
EE 551 Control System Synthesis Robert Paz 9/10/2015
SPAN 540 Introducción a la lingüística hispánica Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza 10/1/2015
MPH 547 Public Health Law and Ethics Susan Wilson 10/26/2015


Course Name Course Representative Date Recognized
EDLT 590 Assessment and Evaluation in Online Learning Sandra Johnson 3/18/2014
BCIS 338 Business Information System Richard Oliver 4/8/2014
EDLT 560 Fostering Online Learning Communities Julia Parra 4/30/2014
EDLT 579 Universal Design for Online Course Design Sharon Lalla 9/27/2014
BCIS 502 Business Information Systems I Richard Oliver 10/8/2014
EDLT 575 Designing and Organizing Online Learning Environments Sandra Johnson 10/10/2014


Course Name Course Representative Date Recognized
CEL 580 Tools and Techniques for Online Teaching and Learning Sandra Johnson 4/3/2013
ENG 203 Business and Professional Communication Sharon Lalla 8/13/2013
GEO 481 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems Michael DeMers 11/26/2013
BCIS 484 Management of Information Security Richard Oliver 12/16/2013
MUS 101 Introduction to Music James Shearer 12/19/2013


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