Quality Matters Implementation Plan

Using the Quality Matters rubric and other resources, this implementation plan will guide us to cultivate attention to quality in online course design. The plan involves a three-year period from July 2016 to July 2019.

The vision statement for our quality initiative is “Every course a quality course.”  The goals of the implementation plan are:

  • Design and present regularly-scheduled professional development based on Quality Matters™standards.
  • Provide Quality Matters™awareness presentations to NMSU academic colleges.
  • Establish and maintain ongoing communication with Quality Matters™support groups across the NMSU System.
  • Support 100 (approximately 10%) of the NMSU-Las Cruces faculty/staff to complete the Quality Matters™Applying the Quality Matters™  Rubric workshop by 2019.
  • Provide flexible review options to those who wish to use the Quality Matters™rubric and annotations on their own.
  • Certify 50 (approximately 5%) NMSU-Las Cruces faculty/staff as Quality Matters™Peer Reviewers by 2019.
  • Certify 12 Master Reviewers by 2019
  • Certify 30 Peer Reviewers by 2019
  • Formally review 36 (approximately 5%) NMSU-Las Cruces online courses using Quality Matters™by 2019.
  • Informally review 100 (approximately 10%) NMSU-Las Cruces online courses using Quality Matters™by 2019.
  • Informally review a NMSU Master’s degree online program using Quality Matters™by 2019.

Quality Matters Recognized Courses-Las Cruces

Quarterly Reports

QM Implementation Plan 2016-2019

2016-19 Implementation Status

Applying the QM Rubric Workshop Completions

100 / 100

Certified Peer Reviewers

30 / 30

Certified Master Reviewers

11 / 11

Informal QM Reviews

100 / 100

QM Recognized Courses

21 / 36


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