Project-Based Learning in the Online Classroom

As you prepare your online course for the next semester, you might want to consider implementing project-based learning (PBL). Many conventional classrooms have long operated on a project-based model, where instead of reading chapters, answering questions, and taking tests, students work on subject-specific educational projects such as building a greenhouse, designing a website, or debating the specifics of the French Revolution. 

You can’t exactly build a literal greenhouse entirely online, but you can construct 3D models of buildings, design web pages, write short stories, and solve puzzles. Well-designed PBL assignments cover all the main learning outcomes expected for a given subject area while also training students to share and organize responsibilities, give peer review, work in teams, engage in self-directed learning, break down projects into discrete and manageable parts, and solve complex problems.

For more information about PBL and other online learning innovations, check out this article: Current Trends in Online Education

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