Congratulations to Stacy Duncan!

Congratulations to Stacy Duncan from the College of Education.  She is NMSU’s newest Quality Matters Peer Reviewer.  In order to be a certified peer reviewer, one must take the Applying the Quality Matters Workshop and then complete the 20 hour Peer Reviewer Workshop.  Thanks, Stacy, for your hard work toward online course improvement here at NMSU!

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Congratulations to Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome!

Congratulations to Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome for meeting the expectations of an informal Quality Matters review for her course MSW 521 Social Work Practice II. This course is part of the MSW Online Program. Wanda has submitted the course for a formal review which will occur late January.

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More OCIP News

The Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP) is professional development for NMSU faculty focusing on improving the quality of online teaching and learning. It expands on services currently available through the Teaching Academy and Instructional Innovation and Quality.

Professional Development Programs

Services provided by OCIP

OCIP provides NMSU faculty with the following professional development services:


The goals of OCIP are:

  1. Assist faculty in enhanced web course design and delivery while reducing student textbook costs.
  2. Provide faculty instructional design services with a framework that supports peer interaction and encourages best practices for online learning.
  3. Facilitate participation in national digital content consortiums and relevant communities.
  4. Create and support a culture of quality for online courses taught at NMSU.
  5. Develop a scalable, customized professional development model.

The following documents provide data on the events, attendance, faculty participation, and additional information on the overall impact of the larger OCIP program and 1Yr+, which is a targeted professional development program. Both quantitative and qualitative data inform the findings.